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Investing in a new deck will increase the value of your home or business, so it’s important to choose decking materials that will last. This means that it’s crucial to consider the pros and cons of the different kinds of woods that you can use to build your new deck.

Go Traditional

Wood is the original deck material, and it is among the most popular options. It is strong, natural, easily installed, and pleasant under bare feet. Unfortunately, wood decks need cleaned and stained every two to three years, and they are susceptible to splinters, warping, and rot.

Think Affordable

Pressure treated wood is the least expensive and one of the most common woods for decks. Most pressure treated wood is Southern yellow pine, which is notorious for splintering. Because of the toxic chemicals used to pressure treat it, use a mask and gloves when working with it.

Import The Tropics

Tropical hardwoods are known for being durable (they last 25 years) and dense. They are beautiful, with warm colors and natural resistance against rot and insects. Unfortunately, they can also be heavy (making them hard to work with) and expensive.

Choose Natural Beauty

Cedar is a lightweight, stiff wood that naturally resists insects and rot. Even though it lasts an estimated 20 years, it can be easily damaged from heavy wear. Choose a sun-block finish to stop the wood from coloring to gray under the hot sunshine.

Blend Materials

Composite wood is made from a mixture of waste wood fibers and plastic fibers. They’re low maintenance, with no need for stain and no splintering. Unfortunately, composites are also heavy and expensive, and they need scrubbed to stop mildew from growing. They also show more drastic change as the weather shifts.

Decking Materials at Mohler Lumber

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