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At Mohler’s, we know the intricacies of building and repair projects. Our customers rely on us for expert advice and guidance.

We assist your project from start to completion with material estimations, blue print services, delivery, and in-house credit for qualified applicants.

Ultimate Convenience. We Deliver.

Take advantage of our delivery services. We deliver to Stark County customers and all surrounding counties. Your products receive the utmost care by our loading crew and drivers. The sales team ensures every delivery lines up with your required timeline.

Mohler’s newly upgraded truck fleet is reliable for any size order. We have pick up trucks for the smallest deliveries and enclosed box trucks for most large deliveries. Our 24-foot flatbed truck with a piggyback forklift enables us to carry the largest lumber loads to your facility and place the materials precisely where needed at your job site.

So, leave your truck at home. We’ve got you covered.

Accurate Planning. We Assess What You Need.

Bring us your project design. Or, invite us to visit your job site. Either way, we develop an accurate plan to launch your project.

Mohler’s estimating services confirm the materials you need to complete your project. With Mohler’s material take-offs and cost estimates there’s no more guesswork or wasted materials.

We help customers with accurate material take-offs for:

  • Commercial Projects
  • Homes and New Construction
  • Custom projects
  • Decks
  • Sheds
  • Pole Barns
  • Garages
  • Industrial Projects

Our expert team handles estimations and quotes for any size project. We ease your ordering during every project phase with our calculated insight.

Let Mohler’s translate your plans into reality. Contact us to determine what you need.

True Savings. We Print Your Design

deliver lumberDo you need a full size blueprint rendering? Mohler’s conveniently offers large blueprint copies for prices below market value.

If you need prints for building officials, subcontractors or other parties, we can easily accommodate your request. Our in-house equipment ensures you receive your architectural drawing or project design quickly.

Simply stop by or call us to get your print started.

Conserve Cash. We Offer In-House Credit

Keep your working capital for other project expenses. Mohler’s offers in-house credit to qualified applicants. Download our Credit Application to get started.

Or, consider a True Value Discover* Credit Card to finance smaller projects and enjoy many exclusive cardholder benefits. To learn more and apply online, click

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