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When you need lumber and building materials, you need to understand which materials work best for which projects. At Mohler Lumber, we have a variety of products that are specific to your needs and project.

Framing Lumber

Our plywood sheets, specialty hardwoods, cedar, mouldings, decking, and pressure treated lumber are designed for the durability that you need when building framework. We inspect our wood to guarantee that it’s No. 2 or better, no prior select grading.

Pressure Treated

Our cedar, pressure treated lumber, and composite boards are designed for the outdoors. Cedar planks look beautiful, with natural oils and tannins that are environmentally safe and resistant against insects, shrinkage, and rot.

Pressure-treated lumber is durable, with chemicals to make it last despite weather and insects. Composite boards are low-maintenance for businesses and households that want plastic and wood hybrids that don’t require sanding, scraping, or staining.

Cedar and Specialty Hardwoods

Our cedar and specialty hardwoods look unique as decking or furniture. Cedar is known for its grain patterns, displaying beautiful nature inside your own building. We carry special wood species, such as alder, birch, beech, and more to help you bring the beautiful outdoors inside your home or business.

Fire Treated Lumber

Because of the danger of flames, many building codes require Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) wood. This means that chemicals decrease smoke and combustion if the wood is on fire. FRT wood is especially important if the structure doesn’t have fire protective measures or houses highly flammable materials.

Plywood and Sheet Goods

For subfloors, ceilings, walls, cabinets, siding, and furniture, choose plywood and sheet goods. We carry 15 kinds of poplar, oak, cherry, mahogany, and other plywoods; their strength makes them useful for holding weight.

Lumber and Building Materials At Mohler Lumber

At Mohler Lumber, we understand having the right materials for the right projects. That’s why we provide lumber and building materials for commercial and residential building projects. Turn to Mohler Lumber for all of your lumber needs!

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